Friday, April 6, 2012


Meanwhile back at the feed store to get new garden gloves,
 and seeds that were calling, “buy meeeee!
  This time I PROMISE to grow so big and covered with vegetables!”

Yes, there were bunnies this time.  So soft, so fuzzy, so cute.

 So needy, so high maintenance.  After raising five kids I think I’ve learned my lesson
 about bringing home things that poop, pee and need to be fed.  
Yes, I love my family, and that includes Thomas The Cat. 
Diapers and pet doo doo—not so much.

 Other things at the store that were endearing and charming:

Tiny tractors from John Deere to Ford.

 Cows, bulls, calves---



 Lambs and llamas. 

These critters don’t leave excrement, don’t even stink 
and never need to go to the vet or be fed anything but imagination.  
Except for the need to herd them back to the shelves after kid visits 
so they don’t attack my bare feet, they are very well house broken.


CeeCee said...

Five kids----that, I did not know about you.
As for rabbits and other critters, I've put the kibosh on getting more "pocket pets" for my kids. Jenna wants another rat in a big way, but she leaves for college in a year and a half. Nope, not doing any more critter clean up duty! :)

TexWisGirl said...

i love TSC. always have to peruse those shelves of 'stuff' and the bird feeders, too. :)

Alica said...

Garden gloves...that's what I should have been getting (and wearing) today. My hands are so dry from the dirt it's painful...but boy did it feel good! Maybe we should've had 5 kids so they could have helped me today! :) My hat's off to you (Mom's of big families!)

esbboston said...

Did they have alpacas? I wasn't sure if that was an alpaca or a llama in your picture ...

Terry and Linda said...

I am like you and leave all the cute little critters to my daughter and her children!

Happy Easter


Far Side of Fifty said...

I know the feeling..although we still love Chance..and all our grand dogs and cats..I am not taking on anything else:)