Saturday, October 13, 2012


The Pacific Coast Highway, or U.S. Highway 101, follows the west coast from the top of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, along the edge of Oregon, to southern California.

The two lane, 2500 mile, highway was built as close as possible to the western shore so it curves, bends, rolls with the terrain, and crosses the rivers that flow into the Pacific Ocean.

Driving it provides outstanding views of the coastline, but it’s a road to be savored, not rushed.  Because of the twists in the highway and the many towns and cities it passes through the speed limit seldom goes above 55 mph and, more often than not, is 30-40 mph.

Traveling at much less than freeway speed gives those who drive the PCH an opportunity not only to see the sights...

...and share the road with others on tour, but also to read the signs posted along the way.

The following are some of the signs I photographed while DH was taking his turn at the wheel on our drive from the top of Washington to the top of California—plus a few thrown in from other parts of our road trip.

Wide load obstructs the wide view from the Palouse Scenic Byway 
of Eastern Washington.  Far away on the right are two grain combines harvesting the wheat crop.

I just liked this one.

I wish we’d had time to stop and get the story behind the pig and the pioneer.

Just in case you didn’t know what all those big lumpy things were 
on the side of the road along the Columbia River.

If you don’t want to go down Happy Creek you can take the Dam Trail.

 A real danger along the shores of the Pacific Ocean

They recycle everything in Oregon


Too many shadows, whispering voices.  Faces on posters 

 A GREAT shoe store in Coos Bay, Oregon


Terry and Linda said...

I LOVE your post on signs! The pig would have been an interesting stop.
Your lighthouse post is (in my way of thinking) romantic!


Ann Simiskey said...

Which did you choose? The hard or soft option?

Buttons said...

Cemetary Recycle interesting:)

The pig story would have been cool. Your photos are cool the ocean looks like it never ends. B

Leenie said...

Ann: Neither one. We were headed for Helena, Handbasket.

Buttons: Cemetery recycling was just too weird to check out.

Jan Blawat said...

Being an inland flatlander, those tsunami signs put a kink in my gut and make me start looking for high spots to run to. And I just realized I didn't see a single one on Kauai a couple of weeks ago.

Alica said...

Ahh...Highway 101 goes right through Cannon Beach OR, one of my favorite places. The Pacific coast is sooo much more exciting than our relatively boring east coast, (at least south of New England!)

This was a great idea for a post!

Brian King said...

Great photos! In addition to the scenery, I like the BBQ joint and the big pig!

esbboston said...

Driving a grain combine, wow, that was 2/3 of my life ago ...

laura.forestdreams:) said...

ha!! i LOVE signs and these you captured are great!!

it was nice to see the coast...the ocean...having lived in CA for 15 yrs...thanks for taking me back to the west coast! =)

CeeCee said...

Love all the signs! I love 101 even more!