Saturday, December 1, 2012


It’s hunting season, the time of year when people gather and get gear to outfit themselves to stalk the animals of the forest and bush.  I would estimate most game brought home costs many times more per pound than the price of a nice beef steak.  But it’s the quest, right?  The bragging rights that legends are made of.

My deer hunting expedition was a little less elaborate.

I was seeking a shot at a mule deer like this one I got in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The size of the antlers was not a priority.  I just wanted to catch one in the view finder of my camera so I could come back and boast.

Within a half-hour walk of our house is a tree-lined river 
far enough away from houses where all kinds of animals hang out.

It was a little before dawn on an icy, overcast morning 
when I took my camera and went deer hunting.

Even before sunrise the dog-walkers and joggers had gotten there ahead of me.
The birds were the only creatures who hadn’t taken cover.

There is a fence with a big “No Trespassing” sign put up to keep four-wheelers and similar vandals off property owned by a good friend.  I didn’t think that applied to me.

Neither did the deer.  
One of them had left behind a hunk of hair when he slid between the wires.

There were tracks in the mud along the road.

Plenty of deer tracks.

The Canada geese flew up from the pond, honking and calling.

One left behind a feather.

There were ducks on the pond so I shot them with my camera.  But I had to go home without getting a deer.  At least there are no rules against photographing deer out of season and the only carcass I had to drag back was my own.


joeh said...

I love picture stories!

I am not a hunter, but in this area of New Jersey we are over run with deer. I would rather the hunters thinned the herd than hit them with my bumper. THose four legged pedestrians will kill you when they jump in front of your car! I think more der are killed by the cars than the hunters.

We need some other preditors here.

Alica said...

My Dad has been a hunter for years...but now at age 83, he's content to let the younger generation do the hunting. (good idea!!) My hubby doesn't hunt, and I'm rather glad...but it sure is an all-consuming thing for some people around here!

Anonymous said...

What a glorious photo session. Now that's my kind of hunting.

Introverted Art said...

wow Leenie, the frosty water photos are amazing. I also especially love the ones of feathers left behind...

Terry and Linda said...

Your photos are excellent, once again!!


¸.•*¨*•♪♫♫♪Merry Christmas to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

Buttons Thoughts said...

MY kind of trespassing I do that too. I love the feather and the last line made me laugh.
Awesome thank you for the deer hunting first. :) B

Brian King said...

Beautiful photos! That's my kind of place for photography! I do hunt, but I also enjoy shooting with the camera.

Linda Sue said...

hair in the barbed wire- EXCELLENT! Something you don't notice everyday- glad you did- it is the very best!!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hunt the same way and enjoy it so much more than real hunting:)

Anonymous said...

You may not have bagged a deer, but you found lots of other interesting things to share with us!!

Sarah said...

I have only ever seen deer by chance. They are very shy and probably quite wisely! I like the things you did capture anyway!

Carla said...

Love the shot of the deer hair on the fence. You could sit in a lawn chair at my house and "shoot" a whole herd of deer every day, but I guess that would take all the fun out of it. :)

laurak/ForestWalkArt :) said...

great pictures! great hunting!!
i like the sound of the camera snapping rather than the gun shot!

run bambi run! fly goose fly!!