Monday, April 10, 2017

National Poetry Month Day Ten

Prompt:  On a piece of paper, quickly make a black dot. Write a 12 line poem in which each line is a description of what the dot could represent.  Don’t mention “dot” in the poem.


It’s only a fleck,
A grain of sand.
I can barely see it from where I stand.
The size of a pill,
No, the size of a pea
And now it’s the size of a bumble bee.
This doesn’t
Make any sense at all
‘Cause now it’s the size of a golfing ball.
It see it growing before my eyes.
Why is this rock increasing in size?

And then it hit me.


Jenny Woolf said...

That made me laugh - it was so unexpected! :)

joeh said...

I really like this. Made me laugh as well.

fishducky said...

Another laugher here!!