Wednesday, April 12, 2017

National Poetry Month Day Twelve

Prompt:  Write a poem that uses weather terminology, but whose theme is not weather related.  Use some of the following weather terms: pressure, storm, fog, muggy, rain, gust, chill, slight chance, etc.  Extra credit:  write your poem in the form of a letter to someone who’s angered you.

Maybe Not Today, Maybe Not Tomorrow

When you stormed through
The haze of smoke
To stop the song,
All the love I tried to chill

When the spotlight reached
Through the foggy night
To show the way
To escape the dread,
I cried.

I know I asked you
To think for me.
You said I’d regret it
For the rest of my life
If I stayed.

You must remember this,
Wherever you find yourself,
In my heart I’ll never leave you.
We’ll always have


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