Monday, April 17, 2017

National Poetry Month Day Seventeen

Prompt:  Grab the nearest book or magazine and write down 14 random words.  Now write a 14 line poem in which one world is used in each line until you have used all the words.  Maybe write in the form of a sonnet.  Extra credit:  have your title subtly refer to the name of the book or magazine.


Trees weave toes together
Sharing food, sharing fear
Associate to persevere
In death give life forever.
Drink the rain, feed on deer
Make energy from atmosphere
Recycling the weather.
Long arms bend whenever
Wind whispers, wind screams
Branches sweep, branches swing.
Jade leaves, gold and evergreen
Linked location where birds sing.
Leaves hiss with sibilance
Connected in a common dance.

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fishducky said...

You're VERY good at this!!