Saturday, April 22, 2017

National Poetry Month Day Twenty-two

Prompt:  Write a ten-line poem in which each line has ten syllables.  Try to include words or images that have to do with math, money, dates, or anything that includes numbers (telephone numbers, addresses, zip codes, etc.)  If you need an opening line, begin the poem with one of the following, “On a scale of one to ten…” or “Because the numbers say…” or “It doesn’t add up…”

Numbers Game

One person sat all alone in a room.
Two pencils and blank pieces of paper.
Three voices spoke to the one that was there.
Four others told her, “Give up, Basket Case.”
Five wads of paper lay in the trash can.
Six hours; a long time to stare at the walls.
Seven pages written, maybe this time.
Eight times she’d tried to share the story.
Nine times fall down.  Yes, but you can stand up

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