Sunday, July 31, 2011


Back when poems rhymed
This would not be one.

But since spam is a message,
And a blackberry has a memory,
And windows go on a desktop,
We keep our music on a cloud,
And party is a verb,
And read is an noun,
It is.

Oh, No! I've just been unfriended by Emily Dickinson!


Sarah said...

Clever! It is so interesting how language changes.

Anzu said...

You know that various modern tools change our mind and literature.
d(゚-^*) It's definitely truth !

Debbie said...

hahaha....well when you put it that way.

clever indeed!!!

Carla said...

Very well done. I think Emily would still like you. :)

Jeannelle said...

Superb un-poem, Leenie!

Anonymous said...

It may not rhyme - but it's fun!

TALON said...

lol! I love it! Yes, words have certainly changed. Emily's probably just confused is all ;)

Linda said...

You made me laugh!