Wednesday, November 16, 2011


(A follow-up to Good News Bad News Part 1)
Yesterday’s weather was wintery but not awful.  I met the ladies who’d invited me to go with them for a hike in Grand Teton National Park and was glad to see I wouldn’t embarrass myself by wearing the wrong clothes or bringing the wrong gear. 

We arrived at the trail-head and I got out the snowshoes I’d rented and my cross-country ski poles.   I was happy to discover the learning curve for snowshoes was pretty flat.  I fell in right behind them and away we went.
Holy-Freakin’-Cow!  Those ladies took off like a pack of hounds after a jack rabbit.  I managed to keep up with them as long as they kept stopping to adjust zippers, shed layers and snap a few photos.

I was in the rear and when they started up the ridge to the lake I kept thinking…

“Wait a minute you roadrunners!  Can’t you see the scenery?

 Don’t you want to stop and take in the view?”

I was breathing like a steam engine and who knows what my heart rate was.  I thought this would be a great place to die but I didn’t want my new friends to have to drag a body out and I was pretty sure they wouldn’t leave me for the wolves.

Since we’d be returning the same way we went in I finally gave up trying to keep up and stopped to take photos. They were out of sight in a flash.

They were finally kind enough to wait for me and I was thoroughly enjoying the new freedom of snow shoes.  We arrived at the lake and took a breather to refuel.

color coordinated--my red jacket matches my face
We should have been able to see The Grand, a giant tooth of a mountain towering over us but the top was fogged in. 

Since the wind was picking up we had to keep moving or put our jackets back on.  The return was easier since it was mostly down hill.  

I managed to not lag behind too far and survived the forced march back to the car.  My thermal underwear that was supposed to wick away the sweat—didn’t.  As I dried out on the ride back to Jackson I started to feel like a pretzel rolled in salt.

These women were not only marathon runners but marathon shoppers.  We checked out the 50% off sale at Eddie Bauer’s.

 There were some nice deals on great items but nothing caught my eye.  I finally picked up a pair of silky soft, fuzzy boot socks. 

On we went to a store packed to the ceiling with Christmas do-dads.  A nativity scene with figures that looked like children dressed for a Christmas play caught my eye.

The whole set was way out of my budget but I brought home the little angel. 

I thought of that quote, “The only difference between a rut and a grave is in their dimensions.”  I think I can safely say I got out of my rut and yet avoided the grave.

Oh, yeah---I priced snowshoes in Jackson $200.  Same ones online $160.  Just beat out all bidders on the same on ebay $60.  SCORE! 


Dawn said...

Hahahaha...Oh I LOVE IT!
So glad you stopped to take pictures:) You made me want to try those snowshoe things out!
And yahoo for the deals!

TexWisGirl said...

you survived! great! you're adorable, btw! nice to see you! :)

Debbie said...

ROFLMAO!!! this was fabulous and i LOVE the picture of you!!

you look adorable in red!!

Debbie said...

my favorite today!!

Leauxra said...

Now, let's get you on some cross country skis.... ha ha. Joking, joking.

But snowshoeing is much harder the first time than later. As long as you get over that whole "I want to breathe" thing.

P.S. I hike, ski, snoeshoe, etc, and I am a HUGE advocate of the 10 second "picture break" every few hundred yards.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I was tired just reading this Leenie, but I did enjoy seeing my first snow of the season!

Anonymous said...

I need to lie down and recover from your doing all that hard work! The scenery is stunning, and you look cute in red!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You look happy! Great deal on your own snowshoes! Thanks for the great trek! You did it!!:)

Buttons said...

Oh I knew you could do it an I was positive you would be buying snowshoes that is the addiction welcome to the club. I take my time I like you enjoy the view. Congrats on the buy. B

Linda Sue said...

GEEZ you are a better woman than most! I would stroll- stumble- lie down- Good on you! Great photos and especially the one of you all pleased with yourself! As you should be! Well done!

elizabeth said...

Good for you!
Wonderful exercise --but better photos!
I like to WANDER about.....
you were right to wear a red jacket in case someone had to save you!

Samantha said...

GREAT photos!
WOW on the snowshoe deal..that's fantastic!
Love the pic of you! :)

Alica said...

Someday I'd love to try that! And I would also LOVE to see that scenery first hand! the socks! :)

Terry and Linda said...

WONDERFUL! You did it and have found a whole new world to explore and fun people to be with!

Way to go girl!!!


Anzu said...

I enjoy your well-told story much.
I would like to try it with you although not so sure of my stamina. Your shopping goods are so pretty. I'm sorry it's another area which brings negative memories.
Ultimately you look so happy !(゚∇^d)