Friday, November 18, 2011


Thanks, Carrieboo from Carrie On Carrying On  who nominated me for a blog award.  She's passing on the Versatile Blogger/10Things You Didn't Know about Me prize.   I just came across Carrieboo a few weeks ago.  Her posts are full of humor and an interesting concoction of contemplations.

So in the spirit of bloggy disclosure--here is my list:

1.  Been blogging since September 7, 2008--535 posts.  That's why it's difficult for me to come up with something to reveal that I haven't already spilled or refuse to put in print.

2.  There were only eleven seniors in my high school graduating class.

3.  Because my school was so small they let me play basketball.  During one game I hit a girl in the head with the ball, knocking her out cold.  Thus I gained the nickname, "Killer."

4.  Like sandals but hate flip-flops.

5.  Made my future spouse jealous by dancing the polka with Julio.

6.  Been doing yoga for years so I can sit flat on the floor and touch my head to my knees; or do a headstand or a backbend; but I don't have enough balance to stand on one foot in tree pose.

7.  Have five children--three are redheads.

8.  Keep a shovel in my car because I get stuck in snow drifts.

9.  Get stuck in snow drifts because I stop in random places to take photographs.

10. My favorite number is The Golden Ratio---1.618  a.k.a. Phi.  Click here to find out why.
Another sample.
(The music is a little annoying in that last one but the video is good.)

I'm passing the award along to some super bloggers.

 I know this is a maniac time of year.
If you choose, just accept the award
and forget the list. 


TexWisGirl said...

congrats to you! you named some good bloggers for this award, too!

laughed at the snow shovel. and the reason you get stuck in snowdrifts. :)

Anonymous said...

I love reading these lists. So whatever happened to Julio!!??

Buttons said...

You are too funny Leenie or should I say Killer.
Thanks for the award I never know who to pass them on to as I love all my blogs so much and am afraid to forget someone, (a little phobia I have).So I usually just thank the person, in this case you, but I will write seven things about myself as soon as I get a chance. I really do appreciate it. Calving time again Yippee;)
I truly love your list we are so similar except for the 5 kids, the Killer name, and the small class, and the oh well you get the jist.:) B

Dawn said...

HAHAHAHA...Oh too funny! THAT is one SUPER reason to get stuck in a snow drift:)
Love the list...and I too am wondering...what happened to Julio?;)
Thank you for the pass-on:)

Leenie said...

As good as Julio could dance he couldn't hold a candle to DH. Never saw him again after that.

Linda Sue said...

Your list! Great leenie! Loved the first video-Awesome and I NEVER thought I would say that about anything called "math"...

Samantha said...

congrats to you!
That WAS a small school..LOL

Debbie said...

woooohoooo!! congrats leenie!! umm, i missed this. your seven.....awesome!! i had almost 1,000 in my high school graduating class, we had to go on split sessions my freshman year. then they built a second high school in our town, after i graduated. i still live in the same town and my boys graduated from the NEW high school!! i don't own or wear anything but flip-flops.

thank you so much for passing this my way, i really do appreciate it. you are so clever and funny, i feel kinda honored that you would even think of me!! i can't imagine that there are 7 things about myself that everyone does not already know!!

thinking....thinging, i'll come up with something!!

thanks again :)))

Debbie said...

hahaha....your right leenie. by the time i wrote my comment i could not remember squat!! except "how can this girl not LOVE flip-flops"!!

i've done this soooo many times and it's always 7, boy....nothing gets by you!! hahahaha

Far Side of Fifty said...

Loved you list..thanks for the thought..and the award. I am sure everyone knows more about me than they care too already!:)