Thursday, August 27, 2015


August is ending.  The skies are still blue and the air is still warm, but school will be starting soon and summer camp is over.

 All the singing, giggling, shouting and cheering has stopped.

 The last campers have finished their stay at camp.

 They are packing up their sleeping bags, sun screen and swimming suits.

 They’ve cleaned the lodge, mopped and scrubbed the restroom, and are finishing up cleaning their cabins.

 Now it’s time to haul their stuff to the waiting cars and trailers.

 There are dads and other friends to help load the gear for the long ride home.

 The big field is quiet again.

 Except for that hum of DH’s four-wheeler zooming across the lawn.  Now we’ll spend the rest of our time here preparing the place for the long, deep winter.


joeh said...

Lots of work!

Val said...

What? School is starting soon? We're in our third week already!!! What kind of Shangri-La IS that camp?

Linda Sue said...

what a beautiful area! SO GREEN! Pacific northwest is so brown! Nice job you guys have done with the kids and foolishness. The kids are going to miss you!

fishducky said...

You gave lots of people a WONDERFUL summer!!

Terry and Linda said...

You now have a different kind of work cut out for you. The ending can be as much or more than the beginning!