Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The pond in the park is stocked with trout. But I kept seeing golden flashes in the water when I walked by in the morning.

Monday, September 28, 2009


In the early coolness of the September evening I sat on the porch working my way through a pretty good book. The trees were giving up their green, and the low sun lit the leaves and cast long shadows down our little dead end street. I had my bare feet up and the cat was gracing me with his company. I even had some munchies on the table so I could use the crumbs as a book mark. But I was having trouble concentrating. The neighbor kids were causing a huge commotion. Earlier they had been running between houses playing some kind of hide and seek and scream game. Now the noise level had risen above that.

Fortunately I had my camera to record the disturbance.

Yeah. I was kinda jealous.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Grain harvest is over. The crop is stashed mostly in huge granaries positioned along the railroad tracks. When the time and market are right the contents will be loaded and shipped. Now nearly every farm in the area has tuned up and lined up their trucks. Harvesting equipment both old-- and new-- has been prepped, tested and primed. The huge cellars have been cleaned out and the loading gear put in place. Hundreds and hundreds of acres of russet potato fields have been cleared of vines in anticipation of a bumper crop. Idaho Potatoes to fry, bake, hash, mash, shred, slice, freeze, and whatever else, will soon be on their way to restaurants and dinner tables of the world. Local schools will be dismissed for at least a week so students will be able to earn a little spending money working in the harvest.
Gentlemen, start your englines.