Wednesday, January 7, 2015


 The neighborhood squirrels were taking advantage of a break in cold weather to raid the compost heap.

 After a snack of carrot peels and chunks of celery stalks it's time to stroll along the fence.

 Down to the brace.

A quick scuttle.

 Spring to the top of a post.

 Check the area for any danger, such as evil crows, and then down again.

 Hanging on with all ten toes when the going gets slick.

 A drift of snow in the way. 

 Time to jump up again.

 OOOoops!  Lost traction and the leap went wrong.

 “I’m okay.”

 Second try brought him to the last fence post with the flag pole and the solar light.

 Down again to cross the snow covered hedge.

 A scramble to our front step.  (The little pink specs are ice-melt to take the edge off the slickness)

A quick dash from one car to the next.

Another check for danger.

 Then on out of view to meet up with another squirrel friend to chow down on scraps under the bird feeder.