Thursday, February 7, 2013


While wandering through the stalls of a lush Farmers' Market in Bellingham, Washington one afternoon I came upon a gentleman picking out a lively jig on his banjo.  As I was photographing the sunlight on his beard and nimble fingers, a baby broke away from her mother and began dancing to the music. 

 A small crowd gathered to watch the toddler's carefree and joyful reaction to the beat.  
This is my watercolor version of the occasion.

This is my contribution to the Virtual Paintout for January 2013.  The location was the Isle of Man, an island located between England and Ireland in the Irish Sea.  I "traveled" using Google Streetview down the rural roads of the island looking at green fields dotted with sheep and grazing cattle.  At the end of a lane I discovered a rustic dairy.  The stone barn had windows and doors painted red and a cow grazed contentedly in the nearby pasture.  Both of these paintings are for sale here on my Etsy site.


Sometimes even he gets it right.

"This is our first task--caring for our children.
It's our first job.  If we don't get that right,
we don't get anything right.  
That's how, as a society we will be judged."
President Obama
At Sandy Hook Elementary

Monday, February 4, 2013


We went with family to Lincoln Hill for some awesome sledding.

The conditions were perfect for a great afternoon.

There were no long walks to the top because there were
four-wheeler rides with Uncle Brian,

...and crazy Uncle Fergus.

Here is a very short video so you can enjoy the fun.