Thursday, July 22, 2010


In the year 1856 Richard Collings
and his wife, Emma, traveled with their children from England to Iowa City, Iowa.  There they put possessions and supplies in a wooden handcart and joined a party of pioneers to walk across a thousand miles of unsettled territory and on through the Rocky Mountains.

As they reached the middle of what is now Wyoming, an early winter storm stopped their progress.  The storm became a blizzard and the group--already suffering starvation--had to deal with unimaginable conditions.  Their plight was reported to settlers in Utah.  A rescue party immediately set out.  Included in this group was man named Isaac Cooper.

Although many of those stranded perished, Richard and his family were among the survivors--thanks in large part to the heroic efforts of the rescuers.

Now go forward in time to the 1940's.
Lin Cooper, the great grandson of Isaac Cooper (because of a military deferment) was among the few young bachelors not yet called to serve for the United States in World War II.  Thus there were plenty of young ladies competing for his attention at the dances in Jerome, Idaho.
Lin took a shine to Blanche Collings, the great granddaughter of Richard and Emma.  Lin and Blanche became each other's favorite dance partner.
In 1943 they were married.
As one of their four children, I'll be forever grateful that Isaac Cooper volunteered to ride through the snow to help rescue Richard Collings and his family.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


There is no photo here because I was in a hurry.  But yesterday I was walking to work and noticed a huge truck backed up to our favorite grocery story.  Words several feet high on the side of the truck declared.  (Soandso’s) Homemade Bread.  So, I’m thinking…Who makes their home in a bread factory?  And, How would bread made in quantities large enough to fill a truck be better, even if the place where it was made was someone’s home?

On my way back I passed by a florist shop.  Inside were all kinds of fancy growing things all arranged and tended.  Out front—untended but very healthy growing things.

I agree weeds can get out of hand this time of year.  But this is a florist shop.

I have to give them credit.  They must have seen me shooting pics with my cell because today---not a weed in sight.

This sign makes me laugh.

Dogs that read AND shut gates.

At first this piece of equipment seemed more than weird.  Then I thought---Hey! Money maker!  A person could really cash in at soccer games, parades and construction sites.

The rest of these are borrowed but just belong here.