Saturday, October 9, 2010


I was preparing pictures for my photograph album.

When something about this photo...

looked familiar.

This kid ran from the moment he got his feet under him.

(I didn't borrow this post idea from Linda Sue.  It was just odd timing.)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


There are buckets and

 buckets of flowers at the Farmers Market.

 There are bushels and baskets of luscious fruits.

 And heavenly heaps of vegetables.

But when the man played his banjo and sang that old-time country music.

It was impossible

 not to boogie to the beat.

 You don’t stop dancing because you grow old.

 You grow old because you stop dancing.

John Travolta, eat your heart out.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Seattle, Washington

Ollantaytambo, Peru

In front of my house

Monday, October 4, 2010


Hefty OneZip Bags are great for all your Food and Household Storage needs! One Click and You Know It's Closed! Helps organize small toys, games, cosmetics, and miscellaneous travel items. Easy-to-use slider closes the first time, every time! No need to pinch or line up tracks to close Hefty OneZip is the bag the whole family can use!

Email the research and development department!  We’ve discovered a new use for Hefty OneZip bags!  They’re a great transport container for baby bats. Cool.

Important usage note:  label the bag before you fill it because it’s easier to write on a flat surface.

Here’s the story:  Our house must be an attractive habitat for those little winged mice.  Yesterday I was going about fixing Sunday dinner when Dracula in his disguise casually flitted through my kitchen. YIKES!  I pulled myself together and followed the little beast as it buzzed DH working at the dining room table.  YIKES!  Then into the living room.

I opened the outside door and instructed DH to wave his arms to keep it from backtracking while I flailed away to encourage its exit out the door.  DH did his job well considering his winged creature phobia.  But it seems, unlike birds, bats don’t fly toward the light.  I dashed for the fishing net AGAIN, scooped up the bat, carried it outside and shook it free.  With one “squeak” it was gone.  Phew.

Less than an hour later DH and Beavis were chasing ANOTHER bat through the house.  This was bat junior.  The net came out again, but this time the flying fuzzball was so small it slipped through the holes in the net and fluttered up the stairway to the attic with Beavis in hot pursuit.  The bat did a u-turn and came down the stairs where I was standing.  I tapped it with my hand as it went by and flipped it into the kitchen curtain, grabbed the curtain and gathered it around our new friend.

Uh, what do I do NOW???  “Quick, get a zip bag out of the drawer!”

We eased the little guy out of the curtains and into the bag.  “One click and you know it’s closed.”

Poor Baby.  A few photos and then we let it go outside to find its mama.

We’re thinking bats may have taken up residence in the chimney of our wood stove this summer.  We’re hoping with the first fire we start that any remaining residents will seek new shelter.

Just kidding about labeling the bag.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


While I was gone to Washington State, my dear sweet hubby picked the plums from our tree, sent a bunch through the juicer and made the juice into jelly. The jars of sweetness look like jewelry.

When DH was teaching at the university he had summer breaks from work.  I didn't in my job.  With a little instruction from me, he took over the task of making jams and jellies.  He has become quite skilled at the job don't you think?