Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Correction:  We decided this moose was a female since we couldn't see "daddy parts."  Still, it had bumps on its head like it had shed antlers.  After scanning through Google images we decided daddy moose parts aren't as visible as daddy cattle's.  So our visitor was probably a young bull.

We had a visitor in our neighborhood today.

She dropped by to see what was for lunch.

She got a little grumpy when we came out on the doorstep to take photos.
(Good grief there’s the Paparazzi.)

But nothing could keep her from the tender branches on our neighbor’s trees.

She dined there for quite a while until another neighbor came driving down the street and spooked her.

But soon she was back for more.

Occasionally moose wander into town, not unlike the opening credits of "Northern Exposure." 

Again Miss Moose’s dinner was disturbed.

This time by a FedEx truck coming to make a delivery to a house at the end of the street.

A few minutes later she was back enjoying the rose bushes around the neighbor’s mailbox.

I told DH I would take a snow shovel to her if she came near MY roses.

 But she wandered off into another yard.

Then a passing car sent her running.  I don’t know how she kept all those long legs organized.

Finally she hustled off into another neighborhood.  We called animal control and they said they’d been notified and were looking for her.  Later we heard a snowmobile and guessed she was being escorted out of town.