Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Jazz For Cows In France.  The cows love it!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


The location selected by host Bill Guffy for the October Virtual Paintout is Lima, Peru.  I wandered the streets of the city by way of Google Street View along with artists all over the world to find a site to pause and paint.  I saw gardens, cathedrals, zoos, sky scrapers and lots of shabby neighborhoods.  I always like to visit the beach so I traveled to the ocean.

I soon found myself people watching as a lady with a hand full of dogs walked toward me followed by a man on a bicycle.

The lady had three big dogs with her followed by another little white one.  The man on the bicycle was trying to find his way around them.

The dogs and the lady walked by and turned a corner...

..and reached their destination; a dog park with a view of the Pacific.

I set to work to compose my first entry in the Lima Virtual Paintout, "On the Way to the Dog Park."  I brightened the scene, left out the man on the bike and moved the dogs around a little.  You can see this one and many other artists' work posted here on the Virtual Paintout Site.  Thanks to Bill Guffy for hosting this fun party.