Friday, October 1, 2010


Ever since our paths crossed last summer, one of my blog friends, Linda Sue of All I Ever Wanted, has insisted I return for a longer visit to her home on Puget Sound north of Seattle.

I finally made the trip last week and was treated to a delightful break from routine.  We visited museums and art galleries—places almost non-existent where I live.  We shopped the bounteous Farmers Market and explored stores, beaches and parks. 

When I finally had to say goodbye, my host (that’s her on the right) gave me gifts.

There were bath salts, Italian soap, lavender, PooPooPaper made from real Thai elephant poo, one of her wool felted pincushions, plus more books and goodies to fill any small space that was available in my bags.   The little Holsteins I bought at a thrift shop and cost a whole two dollars.

Sorry, the chocolate was unavailable for photographs.
All my treasures survived whatever happens to baggage at an airport and were carried safely into our house by DH. (Thomas was not impressed by a whiff of Dexter).

This little bobble of hand made art glass I bought called, “The Tree of Life” made the trip to Idaho on my lap.

AND THEN--and then when I got home a package was waiting for me.   Anne of frayed at the edge held a giveaway and I was one of the lucky winners.  She sent me a selection of “bits and bobs” from Scotland.  Some of them were beautiful stitchery and the final product of her Tuesday Tutorials.

Thanks again to my wonderful bloggy friends!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TRIPPIN' on Linda Sue's Domain

…so I was picked up and carried through the air…
…and dropped out of the sky…
…near the Emerald City.
Everything was green and wet.
There I met GaLinda Sue The Good Witch of the Pacific Northwest, and her little dog, Dexter.
She took me on some wild rides through the forest.
We saw amazing things.
Lots and lots…
…of amazing things!
Then we went to visit
 The Good Witch’s friend, Stella, for tea.
Stella fed us wonderful food.
We visited her garden.
But, alas, I had to leave GaLinda Sue The Good Witch.
We talked to a wizard.  But he was no help.
I didn’t have any ruby slippers.
So I returned to The Emerald City.
Took a ride on a big bird. ( What was IN that food at Stella’s???)
And rode around a volcano.
Through a day…
…and a night.  And in and out of weeks back to my home.
Where there was pizza.  And it was still warm.
I will SO miss GaLinda Sue The Good Witch and Dexter.