Monday, June 16, 2014


After an excellent visit with family on the east side of New Mexico, DH and I decided to take our return trip to see Santa Fe and Taos.  That route meant we would go back through the mountains of Colorado and right through Delta on our way home. Delta is the home of blogger Colorado Farm Wife.  She found out we'd be in her neighborhood and invited us by for dinner.

Linda met us in town and showed us the way to their farm.

Guess who was there to greet us?  Boomer!  He didn't know whether to be excited or scared to see us.

Of course Fuzzy was right there to say "hello" too.  You can always tell when it's breezy at Linda's house by Fuzzy's wind-swept hair.  Still the breeze was just enough to cool the air.

I think Boomer is telling Fuzzy they have to be patient with the paparazzi now that they are famous.  Those are Linda's toes in the pink flip-flops.

Linda and Terry's daughter, her husband and their kids, and Terry's sister and brother in law were also there for the fine meal of grilled burgers and all the trimmings.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Linda and her family.

Linda has quite a collection of humming bird feeders and she provides dinner for her hummy friends too. 

Several different kinds of humming birds buzzed through the feeders as the day turned to evening.

We hated to leave but we had a few more miles to go before it got dark.  Linda gave us an escort back to the main highway.

She seems to live in a place that attracts rainbows but this wasn't one of those days. So we settled for a gorgeous sunset over the mesas.  Blogging is such a great way to find wonderful people with common interests.