Monday, September 20, 2010


When I came home from work DH was not ensconced in his Lazy Boy chair in front of his big screen TV.  He was working on his laptop in the living room.  He asked me to do him a favor.  Would I go down and see what was making the flappy noise inside the empty wood stove, please?  You may remember why this was a problem from FEAR OF FLYING –THINGS part 4     and 5.

 I carefully opened the door of the stove and saw nothing unusual.  But, just in case a bird had fallen down the chimney, AGAIN and was hiding in the stove pipe, I put the screen over the door and left. 

Not much time passed before there was a yell from the basement.  Beavis had taken up residence in the lounge chair and had been buzzed by a bat that had, indeed, been in the stove and had found its way into the room.

We cornered it in the laundry room (a place of which I never, ever planned to post photographs). 

The little flying mouse

 flitted around

and around the laundry room.

Beavis got DH’s big fishing net and

 went after him.

 Finally Mr. Bat was captured.

 I know most people are freaked out by bats.  
But they are marvelous creatures that eat copious amounts of biting insects.

The release into the wild did not go well.  The bat had become entangled in the net.

 The net was wrapped around one wing and the bat was doing its best to chew itself free. 

Beavis got gloves and soon

 our visitor was liberated.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Here it is September and my roses have finally recovered from winter kill, put on new growth, survived the whole two weeks of summer "heat" and are blooming their brazen little hearts out for the two weeks before winter hits.  That’s boudacious.
(Barbara Bush rose)

She was young but not naïve
Always wise beyond her years
(Aroma Therapy)

Hoping that no one would see
Every time she dried her tears.
(Black Magic)

In the rose garden

Where the rain is falling

And the thorns are sharpen.

Rose garden

(Fragrant Cloud)

Rose garden.

RoOOose garden.


Lyrics from “Rose Garden” 
I’m not REALLY into Nick Jonas, although he IS too handsome for his hair.