Friday, September 10, 2010


I got up at the same time I usually do for my morning walk. 
 But the sun is getting lazy.  It stayed in bed.  The wind was up, though; blowing a chill in from the southwest.

 Only a crow was at the playground.  And he was thinking about warmer places.

 Yesterday’s rain was there on the swings and slide.

The cold and dark was gradually giving way to morning.

 But, wait!  What is this?  Children turned to stone while at play?

 Perhaps they are troll children.  Everyone knows trolls will turn to stone if they are struck by the rays of the sun.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Friday DH and I went for a trip through Yellowstone Park with our daughter and her family.

 There were eight of us in their Chevy Suburban.  It was a test of family togetherness.

 We saw lots of steam at geyser basin.

 You may think this is just a hat that was blown off some tourist’s head.  In truth it’s all that was visible of a man who stepped off the boardwalk and became submerged in the mire near the geysers.  He was six feet tall.  He was sitting on a horse.  (Thank you, thank you.  You’re a great audience.  I’ll be here all week!)

We saw a spectacular eruption of Old Faithful.

 After it was over and the crowds cleared we located the Old Faithful Internet webcam on a tree.  We called our other daughter in Utah and told her to check us out.  She found the site and said she saw us all wave.
 By the time she thought to save a screen shot of our debut on this world-wide web site (DH is in blue with the phone.  I’m on the right with the white pants)--two of the kids were resting on the bench and one had walked off pretending he didn’t know us.  Perhaps that was because while we were busy smiling and waving at a tree, another tourist came by and told us Old Faithful was in the opposite direction.

 We saw all kinds of creatures from butterflies to --

--buffaloes, also know as bison.

I took these photos from the car. Even though they can pose like movie stars (don’t you think at this angle she looks a little like Julia Roberts?) They can be volatile and dangerous.
Yes, those old cows can be ornery and unpredictable.