Friday, September 10, 2010


I got up at the same time I usually do for my morning walk. 
 But the sun is getting lazy.  It stayed in bed.  The wind was up, though; blowing a chill in from the southwest.

 Only a crow was at the playground.  And he was thinking about warmer places.

 Yesterday’s rain was there on the swings and slide.

The cold and dark was gradually giving way to morning.

 But, wait!  What is this?  Children turned to stone while at play?

 Perhaps they are troll children.  Everyone knows trolls will turn to stone if they are struck by the rays of the sun.


Kilauea Poetry said...

Oh neat..I like those troll children statues frozen in time look!! The flag looks sad- but always good to see it..may of seen better days? and the crow fitting (smile)! Raindrops speak of hope huh!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Sarah said...

All a bit spooky-especially the frozen children. The crow and the swings is straight out of the birds!

TALON said...

Blogger wasn't letting me comment earlier, but I think it's being kind to me again.

I love being in places that are usually loud and full of activity when they are quiet and deserted. And the early morning is always such a great time to feel like you've got the world to yourself. I really enjoyed this post, Leenie. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

Elizabeth said...

What super pictures of the playground.
W went there with our grandson for the first time the other day
since he can now go in the bucket swings!
Love and greetings from sunny New York.

Anonymous said...

oh what delightful sculptures!

kendalee said...

Troll children never looked better!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the children knew that was the best time of their lives, so decided to stay like that .... young and carefree! Super photos!!

Carla said...

Pretty good looking kiddos if they're really trolls. :)

I never think to take a camera on a morning walk. I'm just not good enough with my camera to not get a bunch of overexposed (flash) pictures.

DayPhoto said...

Beautiful! The sun is getting lazy here also.