Thursday, December 17, 2015


How cold is it?  So cold I had to use my hair dryer to thaw out the aluminum window frame so I could open the window to get to the bird feeder.

 So cold it was frosted and icicled.

 That’s right, seven degrees Fahrenheit, or minus 14 Celsius: a bit frosty.

 The finches were glad to get a free breakfast.

 An Oregon Junco was next in line.

There are always chickadees.

 I finally found a name for this little guy.  They come and go so fast I’ve had a hard time getting a clear photo.  At first I thought it was some kind of warbler or wren.  But now I’ve figured out it is red-breasted nuthatch.

 Of course we have a plethora of sparrows (aka flying pigs) visiting the bird feeder.

 And the squirrels clean up the left-overs underneath.

 Still, for all the frigid temps, construction continues across the street.

 But they’re using a gas heater to warm things up before they go to work.