Thursday, November 5, 2015


Since DH and I spent the past few months working at summer camp, I didn’t have an opportunity to do any watercolor painting except for a few sketches.  Not long after our return I did a piece requested by a lady from just over the Teton Mountains in Jackson, Wyoming.

 My most recent undertaking started out with this value sketch.

 I transferred the sketch to watercolor paper and went to work.

Before long I had the forest underway.

 I started on the foreground and then decided I’d better put in the deer so I could add their reflections in the water.

This is the finished product.  I’m calling it “Energy Drink.”
 It is for sale on my Etsy site along with two other paintings I’ve finished in the last few weeks.

 This one is called, “Saturday Morning” and came from photos and time I spent watching kayakers along the Oregon Coast enjoying a morning away from their weekly routine.

 “Power Surge” is of a blustery afternoon near Maxwell Point.  The tide was coming in between the beach and the rocky islands bringing the roar of waves to add to the rushing wind.  Brown pelicans were scanning the surf looking for a meal kicked up by the surge.