Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Hey, we’re riding bicycles into Yellowstone Park.
  You need to come.  It’ll be FUN!  Come on.  
It’s only a short ride from Madison Junction into Old Faithful, no hills. 

I swore I’d never go with this pack of insane women again.   
Isn’t it weird how our brains can’t remember pain?

 So there I was, helping unload our bikes out of the back of Charlene’s pickup truck sixteen miles away from Old Faithful Geyser.  At least the traffic in the park wasn’t bumper-to-bumper tourists hanging out of cars like it is later in the year.

In no time at all we were helmets on and wheels on the road.

These ladies are training for an iron man triathlon.  They’d already swam a couple of hundred miles in the campus pool before we were out of bed.  They left the rest of us in the dust—literally.

The weather was perfect and the scenery helped take my mind off the hills that weren’t supposed to be there.

 This is exactly what it looks like.  Do not ride your bicycle through it. 

 Where does a two thousand pound buffalo go?
  Anywhere he wants to.

 So I’m taking these photos with my cell phone while riding.  
We’re getting awfully close to these big wild bovines.  
The only way to get past them is to go around them very carefully.

 This one was a bull. Trust me.  I went by close enough to get a good look.

Time to put the camera away and ride, blockhead.

 Well, the rest of the trip in was pretty tame after that encounter.  
We parked our wheels and went inside for lunch.

We almost had the cafĂ© to ourselves since the six busloads of Asian tourists were all out by the big geyser waiting for the ultimate photo op.  The eruption wasn’t as spectacular as some I’ve seen and I was chowing down on a sandwich so I didn’t get much of a picture.

 The ride back was interrupted by a mechanical failure.
 (Pay no attention to the finger over the lens).

 This pedal is still attached to the shoe but not the bike.
  All attempts to repair the problem were unsuccessful.

 So she had to finish the last five miles using only one leg.  
At least most of those miles were downhill. 
She said it was kind of like riding a skate board.

I was so proud of myself for being able to at least keep up with some of these biker babes.  
But my backside is telling my head not to get any wild ideas about long road trips.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Under the supervision of Number-One Granddaughter,
all creatures departing for Forty Days & Nights are boarding at Gate One.

The Roman Gladiators are in charge of loading the ark
 so they make sure the lions get on early.

The Centurion in the chariot has decided to skip security pat-downs.
He did require the horses to remove their shoes.
  Anyway, no one is boarding with baggage except the elephant.
He is bringing a trunk.

The ark is overbooked so the dinosaurs have decided to take travel vouchers
for the next boat.

Thomas absolutely refuses to mingle with the riff-raff.