Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Mona gets a smartphone.

I would be afraid to use this.

Super cool at their job.

Super cool at her job.

When you take a nap with your baby
make sure he can't get into trouble if he wakes up first.

I don't trust joggers and I don't run.
If you see me running there is something awful chasing me.

Up your standards.

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Girls love shoes.  That’s a given.  But when you’re growing up on a farm; wading in irrigation canals hunting for frogs, or running through the mud chasing cows, shoes are more trouble than they’re worth.

Still it’s important to make some kind of a fashion statement at school and on those trips to town. 

Usually mom bought my shoes.  
I’d get one pair at a time and they lasted until they were too tight or trashed.
Occasionally I did have a pair of dressy sandals to wear to church.

I distinctly remember a shopping trip for shoes when I was probably about six.  
Mother must have been busy so she sent me with my dad.

 A girl knows how to work the system when it comes to daddies.
  Somehow I talked him into buying me a pair of Krazy Keds.

 I must have heard the commercial on the radio a hundred times
 about how U.S. Keds would help you run faster and jump higher. 
And believe me they did!

 I had to look all over the internet for an image of something like those wonderful Keds.
  Each piece of the shoe was a different color; the soles were soft and kept me from slipping on wet rocks along the ditch where we played. And since they were canvas they were washable. 

My dad worked winters in Pocatello, Idaho while Mom tended to the farm.  Sometimes we’d ride the Union Pacific train to visit him where he stayed with his mother who just happened to be my grandma. 

On one of those trips I went shoe shopping in the big city.
 To my delight I came back with a pair of real Buster Brown saddle shoes.

Buster Brown was another brand marketed to children 
on the Saturday morning radio shows.  
My shoes were another pair my dad got for me.

After all, his favorite fishing buddy needed the right kind of foot gear.