Friday, June 6, 2014


Riding shotgun in Red Rock Country

Moab, Utah

Just past Moab

Ship Rock, New Mexico

more later...

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I've been working on more paintings inspired by a trip I took along with DH on a small wooden boat last summer.  Along with two other passengers and the captain and his wife we traveled through some of the islands along the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Using photos I took off the deck one peaceful morning, I made a value sketch.

I masked out the sailboat in the cove and the flying sea birds and went to work with my watercolors.

When the trees and the water were done I removed the masking and finished the sailboat.

I only wish I could add the scent of Christine's breakfast pastries baking in the galley.  This one I called, "Quiet Mooring."

The second one is a view down a channel between islands near Desolation Sound.

Boaters traveling through the islands seek to time their navigation along the narrow waterways during the interval at the turn of the tide when the turbulent currents cease their flow through the channels. "Slack Tide in the Channel" portrays this time of quiet water and safe passage. The misty skies and foggy islands were an ideal subject for watercolor.

Both of these paintings and more are available at Watercolors by Leenie.