Thursday, June 15, 2017

ANTIQUE GLASS TWO - Another original by me

I've been working on more watercolor paintings of glass bottles.  I have a small collection of vintage bottles I've found in thrift shops and dusty basements which I sometimes set up for still life scenes.

This one I decided to do by switching around colors from those of the originals.  The gray color you see here is masking fluid I applied to make sure the white of the paper was preserved while I applied the background. 

Here I've started to add some pretty unconventional colors to the jars and bottles.

Then I pulled off the masking and continued to paint in the details.

The final piece I named "Antique Bottles Two"

 Because I'd already done a painting of this scene with more realistic colors.

They are both for sale along with many others at my Etsy Site:  Watercolors by Leenie.