Friday, December 28, 2012


No matter what happens, 2012, I’m glad I came with you.

 Well, okay.  There was that decision to change beauty salons that wasn’t so good.
My hair was put on my head to remind me 
I have very little control over my life.

 However, Christmas was great!

Not much snow but we’re enjoying what we have.

 This year I am thankful for many good and helpful friends.

 I tried a few new things which were quite successful.

 One of them was not this new grocery store.

 A lot of university students work there.  Still much to lern.

 This year I decided reality is wrong.  Dreams are for real.

 Thelma: (stopping suddenly at the edge of a cliff) What's this?
Louise: I don't know, I think... I think it's the vast Grand Canyon

Thelma: Isn't it beautiful? 
Louise: Yeah, it's something. 

 2013—Looks SCARY!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

MY NEW FAVORITE VIDEO imported from New Zealand

I love "Joseph's" reaction to the news.
Oh, and the donkey is cool, too.
Okay, and the sheep and the littlest wise man.

Merry Christmas! 
to everybody.