Tuesday, February 26, 2013


According to National Geographic,  Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep live in the mountains from Canada south to New Mexico.  They have keen vision and are sure footed with hooves built for natural grip.

DH and I knew where a herd hangs out near the highway in Jackson Hole, Wyoming 
and we were rewarded with views of this big guy hustling down a rocky cliff.

Where do bighorn sheep go in the winter?

Anywhere they want to.

This handsome ram is part of a herd of bachelors who were crossing the 
road to find feed on the other side.

Up on the hill was a nursery of mommas and their new lambs. 
Ewes live in herds with other females and their young.

The babies are kept in high secluded ledges to protect them from 
predators such as wolves, coyotes and mountain lions.

Way-way up the cliff, almost out of reach of my camera lens, was the big daddy ram.
He'd won the right to be king of the hill by fighting off all challengers in a
head butting contest that probably could be heard a mile or so away.