Saturday, August 18, 2012


Liesel came to live with us a while back.  It was sort of a surprise
but a good one.  It turned out she went for sale on Ebay on a
day when nobody seemed to be looking for porcelain dolls.

She was a different size than my other dolls so the only furniture
that suited her was a Tiffany lamp that really lit up (another Ebay purchase)
and sweet wooden round table which came from Bellingham, Washington.

Then the Daughter (yard sale shopper master)  called.
"I'm looking at a collection of doll furniture for sale for dollars and quarters."

I have gobs of doll house furniture.  I'm a sucker for doll house furniture.
Perhaps that is why I got the call.  (You think?)  I did my best to decline
the tempting offer. 

Daughter messaged me a photo of the lot.
My resolve cracked.  These pieces would be perfect for Liesel.

"Offer her ten dollars for everything," I replied.

The next day my new investment was delivered by the savvy shopper.

These are only a few of the pieces.  There are also cupboards
a bookcase, a tiny quilt on a frame, a bed, plus other miscellany.
It's so nice to have one's own personal buyer.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


When dark is the moon
And warm is the night
The Glowstick People 
Turn on their lights
They slide to earth
On shining beams
To play in your yard
And haunt your dreams
If you stay awake
You can see them dance
You can watch them fly
And boogie and prance
They'll borrow your toys
They'll play in your swing
If you're quiet and still
You may hear them sing
The big
And the small
The messy
And neat
They'll gather together
And run down the street

Monday, August 13, 2012


Almost all the kids, spouses, and grandkids were present for a triple birthday party at our house this weekend.  We greatly missed the Californians who couldn’t make the trip.

  The weather was perfect for filling the pool and water balloons.

 Even after he was dried off and dressed 
JD was ready to bring out the big guns for the big guys.

 We had our own version of Olympic volleyball and badminton.

 Going for the gold.  No holding back here.

There were also skits.

Some skilled clapping games.

And what's a party without dancing.

 The complete lack of breezes made it possible to 
light the candles outside—first for the ten-year-old.

 Then a pink cake and singing for the eleven-year-old.

 The big numbers were brought out for Grandpa.

 Then we cut the cake…

 …and brought out the hand-cranked homemade ice cream.