Friday, January 1, 2016


The news says the east coast is dealing with record warmth.  The Missouri river is way over its banks and dumping flood waters into the Mississippi.  There have been tornadoes in Alabama and earthquakes in Oklahoma; so I guess our week of double digit below zero weather here in the Northern Rockies is not the worst that could happen.

 Over the holidays we had a house full of kids who wanted to play in the snow but nobody cared to spend even a few minutes in our arctic air.  The school teachers were a little annoyed that weather cold enough to close school happened during Christmas vacation.

Our neighbors’ plumbing froze up and the kids came to use our bathroom until they could thaw things out.

 The icicles have icicles.

 When these cold fronts slide down out of the north, there is usually no wind.  Still, after a quick walk to the mailbox I couldn’t feel my face and I had to take an ice scraper to my glasses.

 So we’ve spent the days huddled by the fire, and when a hot flash hits I’m kinda glad.