Thursday, September 3, 2015


Campers use rocks around summer camp for all kinds of things.  Rocks can be used for decoration, for crafts and as visual examples to represent things like challenges and strength.  Still, most of those rocks get left behind when the campers depart.

 Two buckets of rocks were just too cool to send back to their natural habitat so I stacked them up to make a garden cairn near our camper trailer.  I’m using it as a weather indicator/seismometer.  When it’s wet, that means rain.  When it’s dry then there’s sun.  If it has tumbled down then it could mean heavy wind or an earthquake.  In the case of an earthquake; each fallen rock represents another magnitude on the Richter scale.  Or, maybe DH just drove by too close with his ATV, or perhaps a bird mistook it for a perch.

 Anyway, we’re helping close down the camp for the season.  DH has drained the pool and cleared out the pumps.

We’ve been putting away tools and equipment.  Don’t I look all woodsy and impressive with the ax and splitting maul?

 All the outside benches needed a fresh coat of paint.
 So DH and I spent two days covering them and ourselves with a coat or two of exterior enamel deck stain.

 On the other side of camp, Vern has been busy putting up walls for a new bathroom with showers.  This building will especially be appreciated by those who have to make a potty run at two a.m. from the cabins ‘way ‘way across camp.

In the next few weeks we’ll help blow out the water lines and do other chores to winterize the place.  Then we’ll drag our camper trailer home and see if we can re-adjust to life in a real house.