Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Just a half-hour walk from our house flows the North Fork of the Teton River.  Even though it’s on the edge of our busy town, it is the home for plenty of wildlife from muskrats, beaver and moose to a variety of birds.  If I can get to the area near the end of the airport before the sun gets too high I can occasionally see deer.

This morning I got late start but I took my camera to see what I’d find.

 The big full moon was sliding down the sky toward the horizon.

 The low angle of the rising sun put a glow on the down of the milkweed pods.

 Even the noxious bull thistles looked attractive in the morning light.

 There was still dew on the petals of the wild daisies.

 The wet weather we’ve had brought out the mushrooms.

A variety of birds were making a breakfast of a hatch of gnats and other insects flying above the water.

I heard the call of a kingfisher and got my camera up just in time to catch a flash of blue as it shot by.

 It came darting back and I got a fuzzy photo of its white chest.

 It flew to a perch among the trees along the bank but landed in the branches so I still didn’t get a good photograph.

I waited and in a few minutes it gave another cry that sounded like the clatter of a broken chain saw and then zoomed by again.  I took about five fast shots.

 One looked sort of okay.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Over the past few weeks three of my paintings have left for new homes.  I'll really miss my Banjo Baby and the other two were souvenirs of pleasant travels. So now I have to get busy refilling the shelves of my Etsy Shop.

I've just finished and listed "Southwest Shadows."

This painting is of the Estrella Del Norte Vineyard which we visited on our way along the High Road from Santa Fe to Taos, New Mexico this summer.  The sunlight and shadows of the Southwest are so different from the high dry country where I live and the misty hues of the Pacific Northwest, another place I love to visit.

 I put my greens and blues away and brought out the lavender, turquoise, gold and yellow to illustrate a warm afternoon in the rustic old west.