Saturday, October 12, 2013


Two or three years ago Beavis got an X-Box with the Kinect feature. The games respond to players as they move, without the need for controllers.  Soon the whole family was running and jumping in place, bowling without a ball and dancing like a bunch of weirdoes while avatars on the screen reproduce the actions.  Watching the players was even more fun than participating.

Then there was the night we had extra kids in the basement and they were going through a decathlon.  The whole event came to a halt during the javelin throw. During her toss, one granddaughter’s hand clipped the light fixture on the ceiling and it came crashing to the floor.  Fortunately no one was hurt although the games were brought to a standstill while the glass was cleaned up.

The reason this is important is because we decided to just remove the ceiling fixture instead of replacing it since this wasn’t the first time it had been damaged by too much energy.

Soon there was a hole in the ceiling and then plaster and paint, but the paint didn’t match.

 The reason this is important is because after we painted the window frames in the kitchen there was a lot of left-over paint.

So we went through all the hassle of pulling things off the family room walls, moving furniture, draping drop cloths and so forth.  We found antique food chunks, odd toys, coins, and a bug trap filled to the edges with dead hobo spider carcasses. Yikes!

Of course we ran out of paint before we ran out of wall, resulting in another trip to the store for more paint, plus more rollers and brushes.

 When the guys finally put everything back together the room was much brighter…

…the smoke from the fireplace was gone from the walls and the man cave was rearranged and  back in business.