Saturday, February 26, 2011


I feel sorry for the people who fear to be alone;
Who can’t go to the bathroom without one to hold their hand.
They seem to need a t.v. or a mindless telephone.
They like the noise of crowds and cars and airplanes when they land.

(painting of The Milky Way by Miguel Cartagena in the Koricancha Temple in Cusco, Peru)

They’ll never know the sound of stars that circle in the night,
Or songs the mountains sing us at the rising of the sun.
They’re just so busy asking if everything’s alright
That they never even notice if they’re having any fun.

Without friends and family life would have a hollow ring.
If we couldn’t share the joy and pain we’d probably come apart.
But we need time and silence just to listen and to think.
In solitude alone we hear the beating of the heart.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


The chickadee
In the cottonwood tree
Was too busy to pose
For my camera and me.
A study in gray
Its cap ebony
But it wasn't concerned
With photography.
Blurred, out of focus
As you can see
It's a challenge to shoot
A chickadee.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Roosters are loud alarm clocks. Unfortunately, they only work at dawn and their only off button is an ax.  When DH and I were vacationing in a location so tropical that we slept with the screened windows open, we learned about several other feathered alarm clocks.  They had no consideration for those who wished to sleep past sunrise, and there were too many to invite in for dinner.

Some of the rowdy birds were kiskadees.  
There was no rest with these bandits around. 

The little guys are related to fly catchers and are very agile in the air.  
I saw three of them gang up on a poor butterfly, 
 follow its every evasive maneuver and make a meal of it.

According to info I got on the web these birds are omnivorous.
They eat about anything from snakes to seeds.  
They wear their black mask with honor as they 
steal berries and dog food from their neighbors.

They reminded me a lot of a jay or a kingfisher 
with their big head and aggressive attitude.

This one had pilfered a berry from the shrubs near our place
 and was doing his best to juggle it down before one of his cohorts 
arrived to compete for the juicy meal.

It wouldn’t have made me feel too bad if 
he’d got that fruit stuck where it silenced his wake-up call.