Saturday, February 26, 2011


I feel sorry for the people who fear to be alone;
Who can’t go to the bathroom without one to hold their hand.
They seem to need a t.v. or a mindless telephone.
They like the noise of crowds and cars and airplanes when they land.

(painting of The Milky Way by Miguel Cartagena in the Koricancha Temple in Cusco, Peru)

They’ll never know the sound of stars that circle in the night,
Or songs the mountains sing us at the rising of the sun.
They’re just so busy asking if everything’s alright
That they never even notice if they’re having any fun.

Without friends and family life would have a hollow ring.
If we couldn’t share the joy and pain we’d probably come apart.
But we need time and silence just to listen and to think.
In solitude alone we hear the beating of the heart.


Krista said...

Love the pictures, love the poem! So true. We get so busy with things that aren't really important and miss all the wonderful things around us.

snowwhite said...

I agree with you!
It is hard to listen to the songs of nature and to experience the pitch-black night when we live in a city.
It is sad we pay wonderfull things for convenience.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Yes Leenie - so true.

Nick said...

I prefer to meditate about thinking!

Anzu said...

Meditation in the silence gives us various consciousnesses of our life.
You can add sense of depth and atmosphere to your beautiful picture.
Fantastic ♪

Linda Sue said...

Growing up where we did we are friends with silence, familiar territory and comforting. For some background noise is essential that is where they are comforted, in noise, ...Love how you have put together your beautiful paintings with your poem. Crazy about your sky painting too, unlike anything I have seen from you. Your sail boat would be a hit here in this area, you know. If you ever wanted to have a one woman show up here (Blue horse) I am pretty sure you would successfully sell out!

TALON said...

Beautiful artwork and beautiful sky photograph, Leenie.

Some people have never discovered the beauty of being alone -- which is so different than being lonely.

Regina said...

What profound words with this breathtaking scene! Fantastic Leenie!! Love the clouds and especially the deep blues..why is that (there is a kind of sadness which hits a cord.."they never notice if they're having any fun". I saw a family hook up there tv running off the car battery at a church potluck once in front of a Kona sunset!? I wanted to slap them (lol). This was simply beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and thoughtful words. There is a poem that starts 'What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare' .......sometimes we just need to do nothing in silence!!

Leenie said...

BTW: I posted this one before I gave credit to the painter of the middle picture (now corrected). This is a painting of The Milky Way (The Celestial River) by Miguel Cartagena. It hangs in the Koricancha Temple in Cusco, Peru. If the photo were better you could see images of the great water serpent, partridges, a toad, llamas, a fox with red eyes and other creatures.

Sarah said...

I love quiet times to myself and seem to need quite a lot of them. I like your painting and the other images you have used to illustrate your words-all good accompaniments to meditation.

DayPhoto said...

Beautiful! I too love the silence of the world, the universe, and my thoughts.