Monday, June 3, 2013


We went boating this weekend. We had a great time, nobody got seasick, we only got a little wet and it cost us almost nothing.

 The weather was perfect for sailing.

Using instructions from Be A Fun Mum we made our boats out of bottle caps, fun tak, toothpicks and paper.

We used wire cutters to trim the bottom off the toothpicks.

We each colored our sail which was a triangle-shaped piece of paper.

 Small holes were made in the sail using a large hat pin.
  Then the toothpick was put through the holes.

A ball of fun tak was placed in the center of the bottle lid.

 Then the sail was pushed into in the fun tak.

 Everyone got to design their own boat.

We turned on the hose and ran water in the gutter.  Then we all set sail.

It was a remarkable regatta…

…of superior sailboats.

It was smooth sailing for most of the voyage.

 Although there was a bit of rough water caused by giants.

When our cruise came to an end we returned for another.

A short video of our regatta.


A pirate walks down the street wearing a roll of paper towels instead of a hat.  A little kid asks him, "Why are you wearing a roll of paper towels?"
"Arrrrr..." says the pirate. "I've got a Bounty on me head!"