Saturday, May 12, 2018


I sold a couple of paintings in the last two weeks so I had to get busy and replenish the inventory of my Etsy Shop.  I like the challenge of painting glass and reflections so I set up two of my old pint jars and filled them with some vintage marbles from my collection.

Canning jars were once very much a part of everyday life. They were filled with garden and orchard produce at the height of readiness to be processed and stored against the dark days of winter. Now some antique jars are used to hold other items.

After working out a composition and making a sketch or two I transferred a pencil drawing to watercolor paper and stretched it.  When it was ready I painted in a neutral background and began the shadows of the foreground

After that it was mostly just reproducing and enhancing what I'd selected from my reference photos.

It took several days and hours of work to finally work my way through all the details of the marbles and the glass of the jars.

So there it is, "Pint Jars" ready to be purchased as a gift for someone who likes antique glass or for a present for yourself; ready to be framed and displayed.  See it for sale here.