Friday, June 28, 2013

DESTINATION--Inside Passage part 1

I'm back. Our expedition was most excellent.
I'm going to try not to get to travelloggy but still share some of the adventures scattered among my other posts. 

My dad spent his childhood on the Washington-Oregon coast.

Dad, on the right, his friend on the left, and his little brother in Tillamook, Oregon.

During this time his father worked as a tally man at several different lumber mills while his mother worked as a boarding house cook.

Some of Grandpa’s co-workers from the lumber mill in Tillamook  circa 1920.

Although I’ve lived most of my life in Idaho, I find myself visiting the Pacific Northwest again and again. It could be some kind of ancestral attraction like the generations of robins who return every year to revel in the ripening fruit of our cherry tree.

DH and I were only married a little over a year when he was drafted into the army and stationed in Fort Lewis near Tacoma, Washington.  We lived there for over a year with our first baby. Even before that I’d been to Seattle to visit cousins. Later there were several road trips, workshops, a work seminar, and then,

M/V David B at the Bellingham Marina

last September, DH and I went on that extraordinary five day boat ride through the San Juan Islands of Puget Sound.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, we learned that Captain Jeffrey and his wife, Christine were looking for passengers to fill in some last minute openings on a tour of Desolation Sound, DH and I got out our passports and found our way on board for a trip into the British Columbia Inside Passage.

A short video of the view from the deck of the M/V David B
as we leave Bellingham Bay, Washington
You can hear the chug-chug of the old engine that 
powers our boat.  The David B is a 1929 restored