Saturday, December 19, 2009


Snow Berries--Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 18, 2009


I hate to admit it; but I can remember when almost nobody had a TV. In fact I was a teenager before a big black and white television with ONE snowy channel finally found a place in our home. I think most people can remember days before a computer in every house, the internet, and cell phones. I would really miss garbage disposals, dish washers and, one of my favorites of instant gratification: the microwave oven. Now I get impatient when my baked potato takes a whole five minutes to cook.

Of course there are annoying things that have cropped in the past decades like: junk mail (how many trees are sacrificed for this one?!), telemarketers, television commercial blocks so long and so often the end of a movie can last longer than the final minutes of a football game. Call waiting. A personal pet peeve: cheap flip-flops on people with dirty feet, loud car alarms (thank heavens they are going away,) remote control thingies that breed in couch cushions, music piped into public bathrooms…

But some of my favorite gadgets are: caller ID (sorry leave a message, not talking to you), fuzzy socks that don’t wear out or shed, spell check, air conditioning, DIGITAL CAMERAS, and a new one for me, snow cleats.

These are sort of like chains for snow tires except they go on your hiking boots so your feet have a good grip in icy places.

Now in snowy weather I am not confined to the tread mill—a device left over from the torture dungeons of the Middle Ages. Lastly, a new, much loved item: heated automobile seats. Ahhhhh! Recently DH upgraded to a newish Subaru Outback. Now I can sit in cozy comfort with warm buns and back while my Danish Polar Bear is also happy in his cold zone.  What are some of your favorite/not favorite gadgets?

Monday, December 14, 2009



 The Prince

Pas de Deux

Pas de Trois

Final bows