Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009


An underlying grumpy attitude has followed me around all month. I finally put my finger on the problem while sitting in church on Sunday surrounded by friends and neighbors. These are the people who brought food for my family when I was sick, babysat for free when I was stressed, wave at me in the store, ask how I’m doing and expect an honest answer. Some were singing in the choir the same songs I have internally groaned over when I heard them AGAIN playing on the radio at the office. But at this time and in this place I really enjoyed the music. It was well done, though not polished and professional.

This was a true celebration the birth of that man who told people to be kind. Who, in his short life, taught us to bear each other’s burdens and remember who we are. It wasn’t about shopping or partying or decorating. I know all the stuff going on at the stores provides jobs (mine included) and helps the economy of the world. But I think the forces of darkness enjoy the fact that the reason for observing this man’s life and death have been trodden underfoot and almost lost.

The lack of respect for Jesus is what is really irritating me. I doubt things will improve as long as there is money to be made on Christmas and Easter. I’m just real glad there is caring, and sharing, and kindness anyway. Merry Christmas to all you bloggy people. I so enjoy learning about you and about this world through your posts.