Monday, December 21, 2009


An underlying grumpy attitude has followed me around all month. I finally put my finger on the problem while sitting in church on Sunday surrounded by friends and neighbors. These are the people who brought food for my family when I was sick, babysat for free when I was stressed, wave at me in the store, ask how I’m doing and expect an honest answer. Some were singing in the choir the same songs I have internally groaned over when I heard them AGAIN playing on the radio at the office. But at this time and in this place I really enjoyed the music. It was well done, though not polished and professional.

This was a true celebration the birth of that man who told people to be kind. Who, in his short life, taught us to bear each other’s burdens and remember who we are. It wasn’t about shopping or partying or decorating. I know all the stuff going on at the stores provides jobs (mine included) and helps the economy of the world. But I think the forces of darkness enjoy the fact that the reason for observing this man’s life and death have been trodden underfoot and almost lost.

The lack of respect for Jesus is what is really irritating me. I doubt things will improve as long as there is money to be made on Christmas and Easter. I’m just real glad there is caring, and sharing, and kindness anyway. Merry Christmas to all you bloggy people. I so enjoy learning about you and about this world through your posts.


DayPhoto said...

Very well said!

Merry Christmas to you, Dear Friend!


Butternut Squash said...

Hi Leenie,

I lived in Japan for 3 years. They do a bang up job of celebrating Christmas. They have gorgeous cards, trees and trimmings, Christmas Carols in the stores, Santa Claus, and they love an excuse for giving presents. But what a hollow feeling to have a completely secular Christmas!

Anairam said...

Days of celebration tend to get hijacked. I agree with you about the sickening (and increasing) consumerism, carols played loudly in shops (to induce one to buy?) and the overindulgence and excessive drinking that seem to mark this holiday. I am not religious, but I still celebrate Xmas - for me it is a time to think of and be with family.

Linda Sue said...

We are so anti whatever this holiday has become this year- Very low key- a great excuse to just lay low and bless those we love, eat a few honey roasted hazelnuts, give modest gifts and listen to non christmas music. We are taking it right back to simplicity this year- nothing to do with economy or house torn apart, just feels like the right thing to do...I so agree with you.

Janie said...

I get irritated by the commercialization of Christmas, too.
Hope you enjoy the true spirit of the season and have wonderful holidays with your family.

jewel said...

Dear Leenie,

Thank you so much for your blog. It is the sweetest Gift for me at this dark time. You give me so many pieces of myself back to me in a beauty and poetry-starved life here. Besides reading that Man's life a little each day I listen to tapes. I have such a hunger for it and learn amazing things I never noticed each time through. Merry Christmas & LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I get tired of 'Christmas' music being constantly played in shops - it seems to start earlier every year! And all the stuff that is given every year that will never be used. This year I gave money to charity instead of giving gifts to my great-nieces ans great- nephews, who want for nothing. With best wishes for Christmas, love from Anne

Anonymous said...

Dear Leenie
I wish you the best and happiest of Christmases.
Yes, I do think that the spritual side of Christmas tends to get trampled in the rush and it makes me a little sad.
Then I have to pull myself together and think that the present -giving is a symbol of wanting good things for others.
I rather enjoyed our 2 Christmases in Morocco where our neighbors went out of their way to wish us a "Bonne Noel". It was really touching.
So, as with much in life, there are the good and bad bits.......
So I wish you and your Christmas blessings and some lovely carol singing!

Jill said...

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the commercialism - and so important to take step back and remember the true meaning of Christmas.