Monday, August 13, 2012


Almost all the kids, spouses, and grandkids were present for a triple birthday party at our house this weekend.  We greatly missed the Californians who couldn’t make the trip.

  The weather was perfect for filling the pool and water balloons.

 Even after he was dried off and dressed 
JD was ready to bring out the big guns for the big guys.

 We had our own version of Olympic volleyball and badminton.

 Going for the gold.  No holding back here.

There were also skits.

Some skilled clapping games.

And what's a party without dancing.

 The complete lack of breezes made it possible to 
light the candles outside—first for the ten-year-old.

 Then a pink cake and singing for the eleven-year-old.

 The big numbers were brought out for Grandpa.

 Then we cut the cake…

 …and brought out the hand-cranked homemade ice cream.


Terry and Linda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE! How really special to have three birthday's around the same time!


Joanne Noragon said...

Happy Birthday to all and thanks for sharing such a happy day. The cake and ice cream are mighty fine, too.

Brian King said...

That's cool! A three-for-one special! The very first photo made me laugh! He means business! My dad used to make homemade ice cream. I haven't had any in years.

Linda Sue said...

There is nothing in the world better than a pink and a chocolate birthday cake, unless of course, there might be the promise of hand cranked home made ice cream!!!! This post is killing me. Now the squash for dinner does not even look edible. I only want cake.
I LOVE to play badmitten...I play like the ones who got the boot...

Alica said...

I'll have two scoops of ice cream with my chocolate cake please! :) Happy Birthday to all!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday to all! Especially that older guy! Homemade ice my mouth is watering for sure..:)

CarrieBoo said...

Delightful! Wow, that makes for a lot of presents. Did you save me a piece?

Pearl said...

Oh, what fun. I love family get-togethers -- particularly when there's cake involved.

Happy birthday to all!!


Buttons Thoughts said...

Oh Cake I am sorry I was staring at the cake and homemade ice cream now I forget what I was going to say....

Oh Yes Happy Birthday to all. I'll be right over for the next party.Give me a little notice next time will you, I am no exactly around the next corner you know. mmmm cake. B

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. So colourful. Happy Birthday to everyone.

Anzu said...

I dare to say that nothing would make me happier than enjoying fantastic pool and cakes and games with many lovely families.

Anairam said...

Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday!!
Homemade ice cream - yum.