Sunday, January 31, 2010


Perhaps at lower altitudes and near the ocean in the Northern Hemisphere there are sightings of green leaves and signs of thawing.
But here on the western side of the Northern Rockies...just more snow.

Still Winter
In case you are wondering, the above photo is of a "center pivot."  It is a sprinkler system that waters fields of crops like potatoes and wheat.  This time of  year it is just a promise of warmer days.

I managed to get my all-wheel-drive Subaru stuck up to its belly for this one.  Stopping in the middle of an icy road is just stupid.  When conditions are slick only a snowmobile can quickly maneuver around an object in the way.  So I pulled off to the side into the snow--also stupid.  But in a matter of minutes my folly had attracted a mom in her mini van taking kids to school, a big farmer in his pickup truck, and another fellow in a sedan.  The guys shoveled out the icy snow, all got behind to push, I put Subaru in first gear and spinned and slud out of my predicament waving out the window to thank my rescuers as I pulled away.


kendalee said...

It's lovely to hear a story of neighbourly niceness for a change - so many of how horrible and indifferent people can be! Glad you weren't left to flounder :)

And you did make me smile this morning, SO right, if I spent even pennies EVERY time it rained over here, I'd be bankrupt in no time! :/ For the UK we should coin a phrase about saving for a sunny day... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh - the things we do to take photos for our blogs!! Still, it's good to know that there are still good people who will come to your rescue!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

"neighbourly niceness" - I like that - glad they passed by.

DayPhoto said...

And that is heading our way...sigh!

I'm glad you got out of your stuck position.

And it looks like you will be having lots of water for the farming year.


Linda Sue said...

You have way too much winter this year! As a good neighbor I am inviting you to come and be in our springtime- You can stay with me and Dexter on the foldout.

Anonymous said...

I must say the snow is dramatic and lovely but I'm getting pretty fed up with it now!

Ivo Serenthà said...

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Greetings from Italy,