Friday, December 26, 2008


Snow fell all Christmas Day. Hubby and Son went out twice to clear the driveway and walks. Last night a big road grader came by and pushed ALL the snow in the street to our side. It was too late to do anything about it then.

By the time we attacked the mountain this morning the snow had frozen solid. We had to break it up before we could feed it to the snow thrower.

I measure the snow by how deep it is around the swing in our yard.
This is the swing in use last July.

This is the swing today.

Last winter the swing was completely covered by February.

This is the house a month ago.

This is the house today.


Cait O'Connor said...

Thanks for calling by my blog. I love your house and I have serious snow envy!

Country Girl said...

Thanks for stopping by my place and entering in the giveaway! I cannot believe how much snow you have. We have got NOTHING here in Maryland and today was actually quite warm. (Sorry about that). Tomorrow is supposed to go up to 60, which I think is a disgrace.

I think it's funny you take accountability for your weirdness. I admire that.
I do feel badly for the black polar bear, I mean your cat, whose favorite seat has been moved.

Linda Sue said...

Yup, looks a lot like white stuff! Ours is beginning to melt a bit- now turning to ice and slush.
I read today that wind farmers are taking the place of cattle ranching in the plains- that can only be good- harnaessing the incessant wyoming wind!
Hope you are staying cosy! Nifty snow machine there!

Katiejane said...

Oh my. You do have so much snow. I feel badly for you, having to do so much shoveling. I don't mind our winters here too much. We don't usually get that much snow until February. (I hope) I hate having to get up early so as to dig out before going to work. So far, so good.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I love your photos and thanks for visiting my blog. I love the snow but perhaps more in theory than in practice. it is great when you can snuggle down inside but not so good when normal life intrudes!

The Weaver of Grass said...

You are certainly having some snow over there. It looks absolutely beautiful but am sure it is not so good when you have to go out in it.
Happy New Year to you all.

Unknown said...

We have snow today! (itty bitty spitty stuff) if we measured with our swings it we could still swing just fine! (still not missing all that snow lol) Say hey to the fam when they arrive! :)

Elizabeth said...

Plenty of snow by you!
Allof New York's has melted and it is 60'!

Raph G. Neckmann said...

What lovely thick snow! Is the machine which looks like a lawn mower a snow thrower? I've never heard of one of those before!