Saturday, April 4, 2009


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The new garden in a summer rain storm

The transplanted garden did well over the next summers. We added a stone path and a bird bath. I planted perennials native to the area such as mountain columbine and blue camas. Lily of the valley and crocus bulbs, lavender and purple coneflowers were added to the mix. I found seeds for a dark purple hollyhock and planted them with the delphiniums next to the house. They took two summers to get established, but they finally grew so huge that my son dubbed the plants the “Holy Hecks.” The columbine seeded itself through the garden. The bridal veil bush, the roses and the crimson barberry all thrived.
The"Holy Hecks"
to be continued


Anonymous said...

Hi Leenie... thank you for stopping by my blog! I always love to see comments from new ladies. Isn't this blogging just the greatest way to meet people?

I wish I had your flower garden. Oh, I could plant it, and it would grow, but we have far too many deer here in the countryside and they eat many things that the tags say they will not. It's frustrating, so I will just have to enjoy your garden instead!

*smiles and waves*
The Blue Ridge Gal

Cait O'Connor said...

You have all my favourite flowers in your garden.

Anonymous said...

I planted some hollyhocks yesterday. I plant them wherever we live, because I like them so much. Unfortunately, when they are truly established we move on.I'd like to be here for the hollyheck stage. Are columbines the same as what we call aquilegeas I wonder? I can see that you enjoy gardening, and I'm hoping that activity will help me relax more in the coming years, and help me deal with my parents ageing issues and health concerns.I am beginning to understand what it must have been like with your Dad. I think gardening is wonderful.

Elizabeth said...

so lovely.
How I miss having a flower garden.
Manhattan might be exciting but not really for the keen horticulturalist
except the green market and the allotments.

Jeannelle said...

The flowers are beautiful! I love perennials. "Holy Hecks"....that is cute! The rainy photo out the window is nice, too.

Hilary said...

The garden is beautiful. Such lovely flowers and I just love the photo of the rain storm.

Country Girl said...

I feel a sense of doom coming on. I hope this beautiful garden is not destroyed.

Woman in a Window said...

Beautiful! onto the next post.