Friday, May 29, 2009

BUNNIES AND BEAVERS (Wildlife not Wild Life)

If you get up early and go down by the river before the joggers and dog walkers
you will be a witness to the best part of the day. Cottontails breakfast in the soft shadows. New grass is food and a screen from intruders.
If you go too near, they gather and unfold across the path
and melt into the briers.
Spring makes the river big and busy. The water splashes and sparkles in the low light.
And plays in the mud along the banks.
A loud SMACK on the water announces the presence of a beaver.
He is built for work, not beauty.
Trees along the river
show evidence of his labors.
He's aware of intruders, but has sticks to ferry
to his latest project.
You wish you had more time to soak up the peace of the morning. The road returns you to reality.


fifi said...

How beautiful!
I always thought the beaver-chopping-down-a-tree
ith only its teeth was a cartoon invention, but I see it's true!
How amazing, and tranquil and pretty.

Flea said...

You've captured some wonderful scenes. Thank you for sharing!

Laura said...

WOW that was a very nice commentary; makes me want to go to the river now to see what I see over here.

rhymeswithplague said...

Leenie, very nice! I popped over here after you left a comment on my blog to see what you were all about.

I am not good with a camera, but I appreciate someone who is. Your lazuli bunting in the masthead is exquisite! I have seen one indigo bunting in my life, about seven years ago at our last house.

I shall return often to catch up on some of your posting.

Anonymous said...

Good shot of the killdeer, too!

olivia said...

Beautiful ... you are so poetic! I loved your photos and commentary.

DayPhoto said...

You captured that beaver! And his work. We have lots of beaver, but they disappear as soon as I try to snap the lens. Sigh