Thursday, May 7, 2009


We’ve had a lot of wet weather during the past few days.
There were even some scary-looking clouds that passed by without doing damage. Yesterday morning the weather had been dry long enough to go for a walk, and calm enough not to get blown away by wind. There were plenty of tracks left by wild animals in the mud. Skunks,
And tracks too narrow to be cows, and too big to be deer. Elk were a possibility, but then, across the river I saw…
…a yearling moose.
It raised the hair on its hump and tried to look brave and tough. But was not courageous enough to leave Mom.
She was not sufficiently concerned to even get up. In fact, if the young one had stayed low in the brush, I would have walked by without knowing they were there.
I decided my best option at that time was to continue on my way.


Woman in a Window said...

I'm thinking I'm either not walking enough or not opening my eyes wide enough. So lucky to see such things, even the tracks.

Laura said...

What Spectacular Cloudage! I Love that shot.

Jeannelle said...

Wonderful shots, Leenie! Are those mammatus clouds? They have spooked me since I was a kid.

Love the goose reflection and the animal tracks! And, I've never seen a yearling moose before! Thank you for the wildlife tour!

Elizabeth said...

Such calm and so much water.
Yes, just post your haiku and visit a few of the others to see what their take on spring is.
I'm looking forward to it but have yet to write my own poem...!
Happy Weekend!

Happily Retired Gal said...

Lovely photographs ... the first is like nothing I've ever seen! Wish you could send some of that rain our way ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Kikit said...

Love the first picture. Cloud watching is something I love doing. :)

olivia said...

Wonderful collection of photos -- that cloud pic is a stunner! And what a cutie the moose is w/ the hairs raised. :)